10 CrossFit Workouts You Can Do At Home Or Hotel

Woman doing push-ups at home

Looking for a time-efficient workout that you can squeeze into your hectic schedule?

Try CrossFit!

Crossfit combines body weight exercises and cardio movements all in one so you don’t have to add anything else to your workout. In fact, you can do a combination of 5 exercises and be done in minutes!

Best of all, CrossFit is very cost effective.

You don’t need an expensive gym membership or fancy equipment. You can simply start in the comfort of your own home.

Here is a list of 10 CrossFit workouts you can do at home:

Workout #1

Four Exercises Eith 15 Reps Each

You will need to do 3 rounds.

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This exercise is great if you want a burst of energy during the day. It will leave you a bit breathless so make sure to hydrate yourself after.

First, do 15 reps of burpees, drop your arms to the ground and throw your legs to the back so it looks like you’re about to do a push up.

Bring your legs back to the middle again to crouch, then jump as high as you can while clapping your hands above your head. Next up is the jumping air squat. Keep your knees bent with your hips low to the ground and your back straight and jump.

Third is the sit-up, get on the floor with your legs bent and let your feet touch each other. Put your arms over your head when you’re down on the floor and keep it in front of you as you get up. Last is the leg lift, stay flat on the floor then put your hands underneath your buttocks. Finally, lift your legs up to a 90 degree angle, put it down to about a 45 degree angle, then lift again.

Workout #2

This Second Exercise is a Full Tabata Workout In 8 minutes

It only has 2 exercises that you need to do for four rounds.

You also get a 10 second rest in between exercises.

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This is great for CrossFit beginners.

First, do a squat jack. A squat jack is a modified jumping jack.

Keep your legs shoulder-width apart and squat.

Jump when you come up and clap your hands above your head. Do this for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds.

You can do some minor stretching while you’re at rest. Next, drop to the floor and do some push ups. Do as many as you can for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds. Repeat the cycle 3 more times.

Workout #3

If you’re looking to build your endurance with simple moves, then this third workout is for you

It’s made up of 3 exercises only but you have to do as many rounds as you can for 10 minutes.

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First, do a sit up with your legs slightly raised with your knees bent.

Do 20 reps. Second, do a regular squat.

Keep your legs shoulder-width apart and put your arms out in front of you as you squat for better balance.

Do 15 reps. Last, do a push-up.

You can do the push-ups on your knees, if you’re feeling a bit tired. Do 10 reps. Repeat and do as many rounds as you can under the time limit.

Workout #4

This exercise is fully packed with 30 burpees, 20 5lbs. dumbbell snatches with your left arm then your right arm, 40 burpees, 20 10lbs dumbbell snatches, 10 burpees, 20 12lbs. dumbbell snatches, 5 burpees, 20 20lbs dumbbell snatches, and as many more burpees as possible.

Beginners can modify this by simply using their arms as weights .

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This exercise is for mid-level and advanced CrossFitters looking for programs with a little more intensity.

Beginners can try this without weights at first but only when a partner is present.

This is quite a challenge so take a short break whenever you need to. Make sure you don’t strain your muscles and injure your back just to complete the workout.

This workout does not wind down so follow the cycle to a tee. Make sure you have your water bottle near you.

Do regular burpees for this one. For dumbbell snatches, put your dumbbell on the floor, do a squat when picking up your dumbbell with your left arm, lift the dumbbell to shoulder level.

Do a slight jump when raising the dumbbell above your head. Squat while bringing down the dumbbell to shoulder level, then drop your arms without letting go of the weight. Finish your reps, then do the same for your right arm.

Remember to protect your elbows while doing this exercise. Do not stretch your arms out completely at any point in this exercise.

Workout #5

This is another quick exercise that beginners can do at home. It’s made up of knee lifts, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, toe-touches, burpees, and squat thrusts

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This is a bit challenging but not impossible for beginners to do. Some of the moves are really easy so it’s great for people looking to start CrossFit at home.

It starts with a 60 second high knees jog in place.Throw your arms in front of you and touch your knees to your finger tips as you jog. Followed by a 50 second jumping jack.

Next is a 40 second mountain climber. Drop down to the floor like you’re doing a push up. Bring one knee close to your chest like then bring it back down. Do the same with your other leg.

This exercise will make you look like you’re running horizontally in place. Next, do a 30 second toe-touch crunch. Lie on the floor and put your arms above your head. Lift your legs to a 90 degree angle and try to touch your toes with your finger tips as you come up and lift. Get up and do a 20 second burpees.

Lastly, do a ten second squat thrust. Make a regular squat, then jump in place.

Workout #6

This sixth exercise is another one for advanced CrossFitters.

It’s made up of 2 sets of workouts.

The first set has 10 reps each of squats, modified mountain climber, modified plank, and squat thrusts. Do that for two rounds with a 1 minute rest in between.

The second set of exercise has 10 reps of reverse lunges, T push-ups, burpee jack, and crab grab. Again, do two rounds while resting for 1 minute in between.

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This is a very tough work out and beginners should not attempt to do this without a partner to spot them.

However, this is perfect for those who want to strengthen their core. In order to do the modified mountain climber, go down like you’re going to do a push up.

As you push yourself up, bring one leg to your chest. Bring your leg back out as you go down. Alternate your legs as you push. To do the modified plank, do a plank position.

Move your right hand to where your right elbow was, then do the same to your left hand.

Go down by reversing your movement: left elbow down to your left hand, then right elbow down to your right hand. Reverse lunges are exactly what they sound like.

They are regular lunges except that you step backwards instead of stepping forwards.

The T push-up is done by lifting one arm in front of you and twisting from the hip when you’re in the up position.

Next, do a burpee jack by dropping down like a regular burpee, only this time, put your hands as close to each other. Thrust yourself up and catch your weight with your hands shoulder-width apart. Thrust yourself again, catching your weight with your hands together.

Finally go back to a standing position. Last but not least, do the crab grab. Lie down on the floor with one knee bent and one leg outstretched. Put one arm above your head. The arm above your head should be the same side as your bent knee.

Come up and reach for your stretched leg. Lift your hips up slightly with your free hand then touch your toes to the tip of your fingers.

Workout #7

The 7th set of exercises is made up of five beginner moves. The complete cycle has 10 squats, 8 table push ups, 6 pull ups, 8 crunches, and 10 hip thrusts. Do the whole thing twice.

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This is set is perfect for those looking to start CrossFit at home because it utilizes things that you can find in your house. First, do 10 easy squats. Pull up a chair and sit on it with your arms stretch out in front of you. Stand up to complete the move. Next, find a sturdy table that is about the height of your waist.

If you want exercise to be easier, look for a higher table. Prop your hands on the edge of the table at shoulder-width length and do a regular push up. Third are the pull ups. If you don’t have the proper cables, you can wrap a towel around an old electrical cord.

Throw the towel up the door and close it. Make sure the two ends of the chord are hanging securely. Grab the two ends on each hands, lean back, and pull yourself back up. Next are the crunches, lie down on the floor with your knees bent. Put your hands on your thighs and slide them to your knees as you go up.

Last are the hip thrusts. Stay on the floor with your knees bent. Stretch your arms out to your sides so you can support your weight. Lift your buttocks upward and squeeze.

Workout #8

Here’s a great set for toning your arms and engaging your core. This involves 10 reps each of sumo deadlifts, burpees, thrusters, and T push ups. Repeat the whole cycle for 15 minutes.

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Advanced Crossfitters, you will need at least two 5 lbs. dumbbells for the sumo dead lift. Beginners can do this without the dumbbells.

Simply follow the movements as if you have weights on. Spread your legs apart and drop your arms down with your weights. Squat and pull the weights up to your chest level as you stand. Next, do regular burpees.

Third, grab your weights again and lift them to shoulder level with your hands facing forward. Squat and push the weights above your head as you stand. Protect your elbows. Last, do regular T push ups.

Workout #9

If you’re looking to get rid of those hard to target areas, this exercise could be for you. Take note that this is another advance exercise.

You can complete this with or without dumbbells, just replace the first move with a book or something with a little weight.

This involves 2 rounds of 20 reps of dumbbell swing, 10 reps for each leg of elevator, 2 rounds of 3 reps each arm for the Turkish get up, 2 rounds of 6 reps of power deck, 2 rounds of ten sets inchworm to grasshopper, last but not least, handstand push ups for 2 rounds of 5 reps.

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This work out has some very complicated moves but they target the hard to reach areas like the obliques. Although the instructors in the video used dumbbells, you can easily drop them and go without weights. It is advisable that you do it with a partner who can help you avoid injuries.

Watch the video several times until you’re comfortable doing all the moves yourself. Pay extra attention to doing the Turkish get up and the handstand push ups properly. This workout is not about speed but proper posture and positions.

Workout # 10

This last one is for beginners. It only has 3 exercises so it’s great for starting your workout routine. The basic moves are squats, lunges, and pull ups/jumping jacks.

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The video calls for some simple home equipment but you can easily dump the weights for the squats and the lunges and replace the jumping pull ups with the simple pull up you learned in Workout #7.

You can also replace the last move with jumping jacks if you’re up to the challenge. Do each move as fast as you can for 30 seconds. Rest for a few minutes and make sure to hydrate.

Repeat the whole thing one more time.

And that’s our 10 CrossFit workouts you can do at home! Remember that being thin is not the same as being strong.

CrossFit works best if you pair it up with a well-balanced diet and don’t forget about safety. Good luck!