CrossFit Equipment: Ultimate Guide for Your Home Gym or Box (2015)


CrossFit equipment is surely an investment, however when you are in the beginning stages it is difficult to accurately estimate what you may need.  That is where Workout Gear Lab crew can help.

Let’s get started.

CrossFit experts, such as Coach Burgener, acknowledge the fact that to complete the majority of the WODs (workout of the day) in your own home you’ll need this essential peaces of equipment:

  • Weightlifting Bar
  • Pull-Up Bar
  • Weight Plates
  • Rings
  • Kettlebell
  • Squat Rack
  • Weighted Ball

Owning every one of these provides you with a fantastic way to complete most of the training workouts, but it really is not the only choise. Never allow absence of equipment prevent you from exercising.

You can begin CrossFit training only using your own body. However, if you’ve got a few a few hundred dollars to shell out, you could make a top quality gym with a small investent and limited space.

Top CrossFit Equipment

Weightlifting Bar

split-jerk-weightlifing-barRight here is the most critical type of equipment you’ll have within your toolbox. Same as any other thing – you will get exaclty that what you pay for. A Bar is among the essentials for CrossFit workouts. If you purchase a chip Weightlifting Bar it will certainly bend with time will not be constructed the way professional good quality bar are build. Here’s what you’ll need to look for:

  • Bar that will not bend under any circumstances, you should get one that will last you a lifetime and even your children or grandchildren can use
  • As For CrossFit – Individual inclination determines a bar without or with middle knurl. The most common is with no knurl in the center
  • Bar should be having Olympic knurling rather than Power-Lift knurling
  • Bar with both snap ring or end cap collar design. If you locate a bar having a bolt, it is a no no and we would never advise to get one of those
  • For females the 25 MM model is more suitable
  • You want to get weighted bars of 25 and 45 pounds for men
  • Get some collars – You can buy the brand new HG collars or a set of traditional spring-collars

If you on a budget and can’t afford expensive set of equipment for crossfit here is what you can do: You can get yourself began with PVC Pipes loaded with various weight loads, and even though they’re inexpensive, they are not likely to last for very long. Make sure you are able to get secondhand bars at garage sale and /or thrift shops.

Furthermore, go along with metal plates rather than concrete or sand-filled weight loads. In the event you simply cannot locate a used weightlifting bar, do not skim on a quality.

Low cost barbells even Olympic Style can bend at larger loads. The top bar will be the one form Rogue. It a bit pricey, but it’s the very best money can buy. Get following Olympic Bar from the table below if you are on a budget.

Bumper Plates

platesBy using a sturdy pair of bumper plates is extremely important for your capability to exercise inside your gym / garage gym.

There are 2 groups of good training bumpers you can get from rogue fitness (yes, they are the best we tried):

Rogue HiTemp – Rubberized bumpers with HD stainless-steel inserts. These types of bumpers are made in the united states and are without a doubt the most well buidl bumpers out there.

Virgin Rubber – These kinds of bumpers produced by the majority weight-lifting suppliers and have absolutely made great improvements over the yeasr.

Pullup Rings / Pull-Up Bar / Power Rack

ringsThere are numerous types of pull up rings and bars, we’ll start first with pull-up bar:

You may build up one using pipes out of your neighborhood home improvement store you can also purchase a 36′ version

If you’re outside and need a moveable model – rogue fitness created a very simple RPG system which already include rings

Sorinex has produced a multifunctional BaseFit system which includes squat rack, dip-station, pullup system plus much more.
The right pair of rings is vital to executing ring dips, push-ups, muscle ups and more

Rogue Rings are constructed with steel using powder layer.

Straps are 1.5 wide using a HD cam buckle.

Plastic-Type Rings

Tyler Hass guided the way in which together with his Elite rings. Presently there are many other plastic rings producers out there. If you thing Rogues rings are too prices, get one you really comfortable with – you should be fine.

Power Max Fitness Rings

Really solid set up however the strapping system is extremely complicated, short straps and plastic knurl is extremely aggressive

You can purchase a wall or ceiling mounted pull-up bar or you can purchase a squat stand which have a pull-up bar. Aslo you may purchase a power-rack. If you’re able to afford it – We suggest getting a power rack.

If you have a power-rack, there’s nothing you can’t do inside your gym. You are able to go heavy on back squat, bench , rack pulls

You are able to DIY a pull-up bar, but seriously they don’t that expense and you would never need to guess the steadiness of it. You are able to grab all of these options almost anywhere.

Rogue has greatest selection.

Squat Stands

rogue standThere are numerous alternative with this equipment. Right here are several solutions:

You can buy inexpensive version on Amazon or Ebay which will shake in great deal but can do the job. Typically manufactured by the bulk quantities in China.

Rogue SPX

This was created with the idea of removing every one of the knobs, threads and pins that eventually would need to be replaced.

They’ve fully adjustable for shrug through press for tall people. The system is manufactured in the states with durable steel structure. As soon as get it you will understand that it’s Rogue.

York FTS Press / Squat Stand

This can be a surprisingly low priced equipment for its versatility. It offers a couple of j-cups for press and squat.

The downside with this method is that the threads wear out with too much use which might be difficult to adjust.


These are independent with no link in the back. They’re durable and also have plastic material within the cups to safeguard the knurl


kettlebell-blackWe advise 16 to 24 kilograms for males and to 16 kilograms for females. This really is just about all individual choice, here are a few characteristics to consider:

Casting Seam – If it’s a bad quality bell the casting seam will rip your hands

Finish – In case it use epoxy covered layer – it’ll crack constantly. Search for no painted bells o hammertone bells.

Medicine Balls

dynamax-ballDynamax is the king on this market. Here are a few facts to consider:

20 & 14 pounds would be the right size utilized for CrossFit. For gym use we advise acquiring lighter in weight balls so you can use in many other workouts. For Slamming – the D Ball would be the right choice – The manufacturer provides good warranty despite the fact that nobody has actually been capable of making a slam-proof ball.

You could make self-made medicine balls using a basketball skin and a sand.

It’s far less expensive to create your own ball than purchase one.

Here’s what you ought to bear in mind:

  • Do not use a large cut to fill the ball with sand.

This cut would be the first place that’ is gonna break up whenever you are smashing the ball to the floor.

CrossFit lovers discovered that plugging a tiny gap how you will do a tire puncture is the better approach to add more sand.

You just need a funnel to place the sand into the ball.

You can find more information on Cross-Fit website / forum.

Crossfit uses the concept of throwing a ball (such as in basketball) and takes it a step further. During your workout you are gonna throw, lift and smash heavy balls. Additionally, you make use of those balls to incorporate weight into your squats.

  • Do Not Adjust the Ball Weight

As soon as the ball is done, it’ is way too much time as well as energy to modify the weight.

In addition, it damages the ball and can make it more prone to breakage.

Keep air nozzle wide open on the ball. You are able to modify your exercise routine by releasing and pumping air.

Concept 2 Rower

concept2The Model D with PM3 is definitely the winner here, there isn’t any alternative to Concept Two Rower
The manufacturer stands behind the design and it has years of constructing Rowe Machines.

Jump Ropes

jumping-rope-womanIf you need a fast rope the Ultra Speed Rope fro Rogue is the one you want. If you prefer a the usual rope – any one you find will do the trick.

Plyo Boxes

plyo-box-jumpingYou possibly can make one from directions you can find on the web or you can purchase a metal or wood box.

Glute Ham Developers

GHD – Probably the most under utilized equipment available.

Here are a few possible choices available for you to think about:

Legend Econ GHD

GHDMost affordable without having to sacrifice quality. Rigue Fitness have black with Gun Metal options available.

Legend Standard GHD – This is an excellent GHD, 3X3 tube steel construction.

Sorinex M2 GHD

Here is the newest equipment.

Without doubt the very best GHD within the 5-6 hundred dollar price range. Manufactured in the united states and it is undoubtedly the toughest GHD’s available.

York GHD

It is a well-built GHD with roller pads. Excellent professional GHD for the right price.

Abmat Abdominal Trainer/ Crossfit Abmat

people-on-abmatsMany people work out with a regular mat, which can be acceptable for most of the workout routines. But Once you advance in Crossfit – effectiveness is essential.

We chosen following Ab mat because of it’s uncommon properties which let you laser target your different regions of your abs very easily.

Quick video from 2012 Games about Rogue Fitness equipment:

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