Inov-8 F-lite Series Crossfit Shoes

Inov-8 F-lite SeriesInov-8 F-lite series crossfit shoes is a type of training shoes, which is known and famous for superior comfort, fit and flexibility.

Created from “England’s last wilderness,” the North Pennies, Inov-8 name of a British company that is interested in specialist off-road running products.

Also it produces the lightest weight, most flexible footwear to serve the higher and higher demands of customers. Launched since 2003, it has become one of the most developed growing off-road running brands in the United States.

Start with the footwear and then the hydration packs, Inov-8 products are manufactured to enhance the natural functions of human body biomechanics.

Inov-8 got ideas of its athletic gear to meet the demands of various customer groups and terrains at a peak level of performance.

With the comfort and durability, inov-8 product is becoming a top-quality choice for the high-performance athlete and the intelligent user as well.

The Inov-8 F-Lite is unique for it’s F-Lite Outsole.


A sticky rubber outsole designed to promote running efficiency.

The 3D Air Mesh gives great support as well as comfort, with a high – quality TPU Met Cradle and S3 which prints around the toe.

The Fusion Sole with its special blend of Lite Rubber and EVA foam forms the injection-molded midsole of the running shoe.

Inov-8 F-lite Features In Details

  • Made of synthetic and mesh
  • Constructed  with rubber soles
  • Met Cradle – A high performance webbed upper which creates superior breathability, as well as secure the metatarsal heads in natural position and firmly hold forefoot in place along with maintain their natural alignment
  • Arrow Shoc-Zone – Barefoot running, plays function of enhance. A 3mm differential offers you the best of two worlds; A great barefoot experience with the careful protection
  • 3D Air Mesh Upper – Made from stretchy material that makes a gifting wonderful comfort around your foot with a snug fit
  • Fusion Sole – Blended synthetic Lite Rubber plus EVA foam, carefully chosen to produce a midsole that is lightweight but at the same time – protective
  • Micro-Thin Rubber – Blended together with the midsole to offer this barefoot trainer comfort and greater security


We would like to emphasize some significant ones:

  • First of all, this product is high quality
  • It is well- built and durable
  • It brings comfort when using, even you wear it in a long time for training
  • It’s flexible. You can freely walk, run, or stretch without worrying about any pain
  • Inov-8 F-lite series is designed with many sizes, shape and color, so you can easily choose the most suitable ones for yourself

It is said that nothing is perfect. And this product is not an exception.

  • Inov-8 F-lite 195 Shoe looks quite big. So if you have a very slim body, you will have difficulty in choosing yourself a suitable one.
  • Can get pricey (depends on a model)

Feedbacks From Real Users

Now I want to extract a very sincere comment which have been sent to us from a customer who has been enjoying the excellence of Inov-8 F-lite Crossfit shoes

As a customer who has been using your product since the first day it is launched. I’d like to share some of my ideas about this wonderful item. I have had 24 years of a long distance runner. I took part in many different competition, from the 2 mile to 1/2 marathon.

In the 5 recent years I have become a member in Asics Landreths. On race day, depending on the race distance, I always ran in racing flats and a pair of Shoes with weight reduction and it is really a partner to me.

Recently , I had training in my Asics Piranhas. They are a 3.7oz racing flat. I decided to purchase a new pair of shoes for this new journey. 
You could call it an almost zero-drop shoe. It’s not too small, but pretty close. Well I got so comfortable when running in them, I started doing all my training with the help of them, including easy days.

Until now this shoe has been so functional. I’ll totally satisfactory with my choice for them. Thanks you so much for such wonderful product

shared by Michael

The Bottom Line

All we want to say now is that Inov-8 F-lite series including 230, 195, 235, 240 are great series from Inov-8

If you are having intention to have a crossfit shoes pair that is funcional, and lite, let’s consider this, you won’t be disappointed.

Now, I think it is time for you to make a decision.Don’t forget to read our best crossfit shoes comparison article here.

Have you been ready to get this shoe today?

Inov-8 F-lite Crossfit Shoes Quick Video Review:

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