Reebok Crossfit Nano 3.0 Review (Men And Women)

reebok crossfit nano 3.0 shoe - light colorI am just not likely to enter a extended introduction piece to provide you with a brief history of Reebok Nano’s or anything.

You most likely know everything stuff anyways. Go read my main perceptions for the fluff. Let us just get lower to business.

Reeabok Nano 3.0 shoes for crossffit, like the previous iterations, are the very useful crossfit shoe you can purchase. Many people might have preferences for the initial You-Type or 2.0’s, and that is fine.

I do not think that Reebok would to produce footwear which was substandard for their former designs though.

That being stated, anything you U-Type fanatics may be disappointed to hear the 3.0’s really feel a whole lot much more like the two.0’s.

Thankfully for you personally, it does not appear like Reebok’s stopping the You-Form’s in the near future, simply because they just released a slew of recent colors (or perhaps the 2.0’s for the issue).


This will probably be subjective.

At first initially when i first saw the appearance and color mixtures of the three.0’s, I was hardly amazed.

I possibly could do without all of the crossfit wording around the inner area of the shoe, however i suppose it’s practical since it features like a guard for rope raises.

The colors for at this time are okay, I’ve the gray/orange, nevertheless i would’ve rather end up being the red-colored/black at first essentially may have.

The eco-friendly/blue is terrible IMO, the only real individuals who would put on something of that nature are likely individuals who are buying them for their ridiculousness.

Hopefully they launch customized colours soon, or at very best newer and much more effective combos.

I just do such as the “Duracage” construction, not just for additional sturdiness, but additionally since it triggers that it is harder to obtain the footwear dirty.

Most streaks are actually relatively easy to just wipe off utilizing my fingertips.

Not really a big fan from the obnoxiously Massive logo design style round the back from the shoe, it seems cheapo in comparison towards the U-Form’s patch logo style.

Ropepro and Duracage


Honestly, there exists not a whole lot to talk about here.

The Three.0’s are much more like an development from your 2.0’s instead of a trend. It’s nevertheless the main one shoe that you could successfully carry out all of the measures in crossfit in.

Essentially was unclear about things i needed to do on the given day, I’d deliver these…or 2.0’s…or U-Form’s. Don’t anticipate magic footwear that is going to acquire muscle-up’s or clear 300lbs.

So far as weight goes, these easily fit into the centre (9.4oz) between your 2.0’s (9.2oz) and You-Form’s (9.5oz). Balance continues to be exact same, or else a bit much better than the 2.0’s much more like the U-Type.

The Duracage building is extremely versatile in spite of it is stronger feeling.

That toebox is legit, I would not be concerned about jamming your toes on anything by using these shoes. Have not increased a rope but (most likely very likely to extend that up to now as is possible), nevertheless the “Ropepro” notches will help to keep that rope guaranteed. Operating?

Well, let us just state that if you prefer a cushy running shoes, get the Rates of speed. It feels mostly the exact same by using these shoes.

Maybe the top footwear collection-up for crossfit continues to be at the really best, performing every thing well but absolutely nothing stellar. Nevertheless, that us the crossfit shoes right?


Top seems just like the 2. as the bottoms seem like a cross between your You-Types and a pair of.0’s. In the event you read my main feedback regarding the shoe, I stated something about my correct second feet jamming into the front from your footwear as i went.

Properly, absolutely nothing has transformed.

My favorite speculate occurs since the top from the footwear is included utilizing the Duracage which is really rigid, while there is absolutely no feet safety around the You-Forms as well as the initial Duracage feet cover around the 2.0’s wasn’t as firm as that a person is.

I wouldn’t suggest sizing an entire fifty percent dimension-up, my ft are most likely just unusual, obtain the normal Nano size.


At around $90 the three.0’s continue being available online for in cost.

That you can do the exact same things by 50 %., but they’re cheaper.

You-Form’s are identical price as 3.0’s, that we nevertheless do not get but to each and every their very own.

Should you not own some Nano’s, you might as well just get the Reebok Nano 3.0 version if you are ready to spend out full cost. You are able to generally discover stopped colors of two.0’s online or perhaps in the Reebok outlet for considerably under retail store though.


Could possibly not seem like I am captivated using these footwear however ,, they are excellent.

I am just attempting to present you with one of the most honest evaluation concerning the subject no one’s needing to pay out me using this or giving me freebies here.

They’re a dependable artist, nonetheless they do not do anything whatsoever in any way particularly a lot better than the previous iterations or provide you with superhuman agility and power.

Sturdiness is difficult to discuss simply because I’ve only experienced these for around three days now, however i will provide the 3.0’s the jerk there due to the Duracage construction. If you are late leaping round the Nano bandwagon, you may as well get these.

Should you not actually have a crossfit particular footwear, you need to probably get these.

If you are searching to purchase just one set of footwear for crossfit, get these. Should you be looking for an entirely various footwear than you’re accustomed to with Nano’s, get the Speeds (which have showed up to possess like magic disappear within the Reebok website).

If you find out a good deal around the more mature models, just get those…You will never be passing on an extreme amount of performance wise.

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Now Reebok Crossfit Nano 4.0 And Reebok Crossfit Nano 5.0 are available.