Reebok Crossfit Nano 4.0 Review (Women And Men)

Reebok Crossfit Nano 4.0 grey sneaker

My custom set demonstrated up today, purchased in the pre-purchase they’d in the outset of June therefore the customs arrived in pretty damn great time.

Putting my ft within them, my first ideas had been they experienced nearly the same as Reebok Nano 3.0 the outsole certain looks exactly the same.

A single noticeable distinction would be that the foot-box is a lot more narrow, though in contrast to my size 9.5 Nano 3.0’s, my 2nd feet jams into the front side from the shoe appreciate it performed on my own little size 9 3.0’s that i ultimately removed since i have regarded as them also little.

Oddly sufficient, I’d a set of whitened Nano 4.0’s are also available in nowadays, size 9, and also the overall shoe seems more slim, the clearance ahead of time is damn near exactly like my 9.5’s. Strange certainly.

All Utilized to do was trainer today, real overall performance information arriving the next day and perhaps an evaluation video.

So, nowadays I stated “what the hell…” and set up on my own small whitened Reebok Nano 4.0 which i really only purchased to check on for sizing. Reason becoming, they simply felt all-natural on my own small feet. For many odd cause, the bit of space that i have inside the 9.5’s triggers it to be to ensure that I jam my toes more frequently when compared with much more type fitted 9’s.

I will embark on a limb and say should you previously possessed only U-Forms and 2.0 , dimension 4.0’s the exact same. In case you are originating from 3.0’s as a comfortable fit, then size them exactly the same.

Today the programming known as for maximum elevation package leaps the WOD was diamond ring muscle mass ups, average energy washes, package jumps and double unders.

No stability problems jumping on to a plyo-package with dishes piled on the top just as much as 51?. The shoes felt just a little rigid, most likely simply because they are new, while not something which I would recommend normally to choose a maximum height jump.

Up to now as the rest from your WOD actions, energy delivery and stability were excellent through the entire energy washes. Once again, the shoes are stiff, I possibly could feel my archways starting to discomfort afterwards inside the WOD all the leaping (energy washes, package leaps, DU) being performed.

Or else, I cannot really grumble about performance, they thought great even though a bit stiff. I did not need to believe difficult concerning the footwear I had been wearing during those times, that is constantly advantageous. Since the sizing symptom in the 3.0 is bound, I think I would truly have a candidate for favorite CrossFit shoes here.

Let us just hope they burglary well.

First Impression:

The fresh new, thinner silhouette from the Nano 4.0 really assists a whole lot for runs. While it is still not the top running shoe, its certainly a lot better than the 3.0 in addition to on componen using the 2.0.

I’ve are available towards the conclusion these are likely the very best fitting Nano because the 2.0, these favorite. Mix body and also the advantages the Nano 3.0 experienced and you’re searching at many likely the top Nano up to now.

I have not yet discovered a whole lot incorrect utilizing the shoe, although I just do get one minor gripe negligence the shoe that’s round the back and about in which your legs could be that’s produced from this cheaper sensation fabric.

It is the exact same kind that’s used around the ZQuick TR’s as well as the A single 1. Trainers, it is plush and i also think it seems inexpensive and not long lasting such as the mesh material regions of the shoe.

I think the next time I update this evaluation, It will be considered your final one after a exact same structure as all the reviews on footwear I have completed before.


In my encounter, the Nano 4.0’s looks is exactly on componen using the Nano 3.0 Should you adored the prior model’s looks, chances are you’re heading to obtain the more modern model’s design as appealing. I am going to suggest that there is less Duracage this time around about, plus much more mesh areas. As pointed out prior to, I am just not keen on the experienced-like materials that is around where your legs are.

The brand new eyelet lacing style is really more efficient to get a locked lower fit in evaluation up to the more linear lacing system they utilized in the 3.0’s.

As the upper went through some small modifications, practically absolutely nothing remains changed towards the outsole.

Exact same double density only, same Metasplit lines, same RopePro. It’s generally different strokes for many different folks if this entails looks. I am interested in the manner in which Reebok takes their CrossFit footwear, I love the mix from the Duracage and mesh sections because it offers the shoe a lot more of a top quality, advanced look.

I wondered who emerged with individuals ridiculous colours, but this time about around there is only one that i believe isn’t great, which is not necessarily that bad.

Fans of Nano 2.0 version ought to be glad to comprehend that they are not eliminating individuals soon (I believe).


Such as the a number of other Nano’s prior to the 4.0 men’s and women’s version, these footwear specified for is definitely the ultimate “CrossFit” shoe. I haven’t found another shoe that i would wear without having to worry what measures had been inside the WOD.

The Nano 4.0’s aren’t different, aside from the truth that they are probably the very best Nano yet.

In case you are caused by almost every other shoe, make use of them and feel invigorated. The Nano 4.0’s for women and men are simply confidence uplifting they are versatile enough to metcon, give a strong enough system to weightlift, and much more slim that actually doesn’t really feel listed below par just like a operating training shoe. If you are searching for the very first set of Nano’s, here you go.

If you are from the long type of Nano’s, prepare yourself to get the best but. Granted, many of the features here around the Reebok Nano 4.0 were around the Nano 3, however the major distinction is the fact that these footwear really Match.

They can fit the manner in which the Nano 2.0’s and U-Forms performed before.

Should you loved individuals models, you will love this design. The exception could be individuals with truly wide ft, but however the real difference among my dimension 9 and 9.5 Nano 4.0’s is in fact only width (and it is not really with this a lot). Each dimensions fit a lot more much like my Nano 2.0’s than my 3.0’s, which my ft is going going swimming in.

My sizing tips here is constantly to dimension them the same as you performed your Crossfit Nano 3’s and 2’s, chances are you’ll most likely finish track of something which works.

My 9.5’s work, but my 9’s are more efficient.

Up-date: Went directly into a bit issue regarding fit from the Reebok Crossfit Nano 4.0.

I gone ahead and purchased some the Mint Athlete’s Select package in measurements 9.

Right after I got them and attempted them on, they were noticeably more lightweight than these size 9 4.0’s. I do not know that the sick produced technique is however i should go back these sizing recommendation and opt for sizing as if you would your Nano 3.0


I suppose the concern for you is in the event you possess the absolute have to update?

$120 is equivalent to the Nano 3.0’s initial cost (they are available for $100 now), the conventional period Nano cost. If you are looking for the ultimate fitness shoe, here you go.

Even if you usually do not do CrossFit however, you love physical fitness, you need to most likely own some Nano’s.

Could they be definitely worth the $20 inside the more mature designs, indeed they’re.

If you are very likely to spend $100 on some shoes to exercise in, you might too spend the additional little bit to get the stronger, better fitting, and performing shoes.

In the event you truly, really loved the three.0’s and they also suit you flawlessly, properly you might like to stock on people because they are a bit less and extremely all of the benefits remained exactly the same.

Should you have had a sizing issue utilizing the 3.0’s, plop that money lower and put on some 4.0’s.

You definitely will not be disappointed either way.

Quick video:

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