Reebok Crossfit Nano 5.0 Review – Toughest CrossFit Shoes

I recently looked at income numbers from Nano 4.o crossfit shoes and compared to other folks in the top five CrossFit shoes listing.
The Nano 4. out provided the next leading marketing shoes by 2 to one or more. So it is reputable suggestions there will definitely be of fantastic fascination as soon as the Nano 5 is ultimately released for the general public.

Reebok Nano 5.0 Shoes Review

The Nano 5.0 is caused by be released round the 25th of June 2015, nevertheless pre-buy is put for the 18th of June. So be sure to sign-up with the weblink weblink in the end from your site. In the event you can not await a recognized launch particular date you can acquire the Nano 5.0 at this point.

I gotten my list of Nano 5.0 crossfit shoes final Monday therefore i have only been screening them for virtually any full week. Right after launching the box my initially imagined was “I for example the grey/dark distinction.” Unsurprisingly the shoes was like the Reebok CrossFit Shoe – Be competitive developed by Well-off Froning but you will discover a great deal of obvious variants creating the nano 5.0 it is very own shoes.

Toe box

The toe box is wisely developed. The final is actually a thicker silicone that gives a strong effect security. This may very easily previous the lifespan time in the footwear. Afterward it grows straight into a brilliant durability Kevlar materials in addition to a light in weight fine mesh best. These things may last an extremely number of years nevertheless nonetheless that it does not maintain it is form completely that is evident to the overall top.


If you’re a buyer to my funnel you’ll probably know my own preferred single around the shoes could possibly be the Nike Free 5.0 version Six. The Nano 5.0 exclusive is similar to the Reebok CrossFit Contend and nothing at all including the very last Nano.

The sole is very firm and does not flex effortlessly. It is ideal for picking up, walls balls together with other fixed exercise routines but is lacking in capacity if this type of requires any type of jogging. I just do enjoy look at your grasp it gives you on all surface areas even so i am going to say it is surely among people soles that records dirt and pea gravel very easily. Should you really simply use the footwear inside of I am just specific this is definitely not an difficulty but that you can inform throughout the photograph, the grit will receive caught up throughout the modest pockets making it a soreness to clean.


The full higher is “built with kevlar” in order that when i mentioned it is principal quality is the potency of the material. I adore the published written text and amount design and style dotted throughout the higher. It starts right in front possessing a CrossFit textual content and lined patterns in a light-weight grey. the style worsens speedily using a strong dark “CR5FT” using one for reds and “CF.0021”on an additional.

higher area of the nano 5

The centre uppr you can forget offers the duracage as noticed utilizing the 4. quite the one half then 5 quantities are shadowed developing a grey to black colored sq . design.

Within the back end the Reebok and CrossFit images are specified in whitened. Then eventually along with it in the single is truly a grey and black colored stripe result making use of the textual content “forging top level fitness” as well as in whitened.

There’s unquestionably the surface of the is manufactured to very last the age ranges. It may appear to be peculiar nevertheless i never like just how the Kevlar substance can feel following i effect it with my palms, it can feel difficult and clickie on my own tiny fingernails. I am just specific I’ll get comfortable with it as time passes.


The mouth is lean, light-weight along with the other component of smart style. A single visible attribute might be the oxygen absorption. In fact the mouth and tox pack fine mesh materials products a great air flow absorption trying to keep the feet beautifully ventilated.I furthermore be aware of the lace loop contained in the mouth. The loop keeps two aspects of lace preserving your mouth constantly in place in any way functions.


It is developed for Crossfit how managed to get come about conduct through a few wod’s?

The Nano 5.0 excelled during functionality screening and every little thing regarding the footwear is now smart once you start using them at the box.

Analyzing it towards Reebok Crossfit Nano 4.0 crossfit sneaker can feel far more secure when raising and doing any weight workout routines. The extra padding is useful and provides great assistance specifically through pack leaps soaking up affect quickly.

Rope raises were made straight forward using RopePro across the inner ends which i would personally say it is better in comparison to Nano 4. and Remain competitive.

For burpees the shoes once again conducted completely. The feet traction steadied my principal harmony and experienced very good all through every single rep. My efficiency during push-ups was significantly much better and all round I was amazed while using grasp and stableness higher than other stuff.

I have only been tests the shoes for less than weekly along with the only element Actually i believe it falters occurs when you should do just about any working. In my opinion that circumstance portion of the robbery time plus across the pursuing few times it’ll enhance.


No sizing concerns the sneaker satisfies my feet with my typical dimensions.

reebok nano 5 upper - top view


By right now 7th of June I’ve run into 4 various shades

Grey, Red-colored-tinted, Crimson and Azure

each of the nano 5.0 colours


Each of the supplies applied to help with making the Nano 5.0 are created to previous. The footwear seems solid which i actually have unquestionably it’ll get over other things in the marketplace.


The Reebok Nano 5.0 will probably be at first supplied for $130 even though I really believe Reebok should have coordinated the Mecton price of $120.00 because the $10 distinction will benefit lots of people to select the Metcon. I’m happy they have not detailed them like the Be competitive at $194.99 it had been way in the price array for many individuals.reebok nano 5.0 in red


  • Greatest overall performance footwear
  • Quality resources
  • Unique style
  • Breathability
  • Quality mouth
  • Exceptional hold
  • Superb steadiness


  • Less than accommodating
  • Operating is fixed
  • A bit around outlined
  • Is able to get rid of condition
  • YouTube Preview Image

Bottom line

Will the Nano 5.0 make our 5 greatest? It is a basic of course, can it be number 1? I want extra time to determine the footwear and take into account it is place within the top 5.

Because of the Nano 4.0’s acknowledgment I’ve located myself personally wanting to know why they’ve applied not one of it is features.Should you really evaluate some. for the 5.0 they’re distinct shoes.

It is a courageous transfer by Reebok and considering the developing identification in the Metcon I think they’re going for a possibility.

The phrase is “ whether or not this is not broken do not resolve it”might come back to haunt them or probable reduce slightly reveal of your marketplace.

To me the easiest way to look at the Nano 5.0 is it is by directed out functionality. Should you wish to increase your overall performance the Nano 5.0 might be the the best crossfit shoe for you. To read about nano 3.0 click here.