Top 10 Walking Workouts For Weigh Loss And More Energy

walking workouts

Walking is a very popular and effective form of light cardio exercise that is not only easy on the joints, but also does not require equipment.

Walking helps build strong bones, maintains a healthy weight, boosts energy, lifts mood and it may be done anywhere, either solo or in a group.

There are different types of walking workouts that can help you stay healthy and a bit more toned. Discussed below are the top ten walking workout to start with. Read on!

Interval Walking Workouts

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· 0 to 5 minutes – Easy to medium warm up walk. Try to maintain a speed of about between 120 and 130 steps per hour

5 to 12 minutes – Moderate walk with a speed of 130 to 140 steps per hour

12 to 15 minutes – A jog

5 to 17 minutes – Brisk walk (140 to 160 steps per hour)

17 to 27 minute – Moderate walk (130 to 140 steps per hour)

27 to 29 minutes – Brisk walk (140 to 160 steps per hour)

29 to 39 minutes – Moderate walk (130 to 140 steps per hour)

39 to 45 minutes – Medium to easy cooldown walk (120 to 130 steps per hour)

Race Walking Workouts

Also known as walking race, this form of workout is a long-distance athletic event whose purpose is to help you develop speed, increase your metabolism and performance and build muscles.

It gives more aerobic workout than normal walking since it requires you to vigorously push your arms, low and close to your swiveling hips, while making small, quick strides, see video here:

Race walking also allows you to achieve as high as 240 steps per minute of credence rate. Start by bending your elbows at an angle of 90-degrees.

This will help shorten the pendulum action of your limb and allow your arms to swing much more quickly.

Propel forward with your feet and ensure that your feet follow exactly what your arms do. As you push off your rear toes, you are also initiating a strong forward knee drive

Treadmill Walking Workouts

Treadmill workouts are some of the most challenging, efficient and calorie-burning routines exercises. There are two common types of treadmill walking workouts – Treadmill Slimmer and Treadmill Booty Blast.

Treadmill workouts are designed to mix up your speed with floor exercises to make them more effective.

Click the here to find various steps involved in treadmill walking workouts and how you can combine them with floor exercises to give you maximum results.

Indoor Walking Exercise

Indoor walking workout is best suited for those who are too busy to find time for outdoor walking. They can also be done when the weather is not favorable for an outdoor activity.

Most of the indoor walking workouts only take about 30 minutes but still offer low-impact aerobics appropriate for all fitness levels (see video bellow):

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In an article published in the Family Circle Magazine November 29, 2010, Caren Oppenheim gives a detailed 30 minutes indoor walking routine, which you can adopt to help you meet your fitness goals. Find the article here

Outdoor Walking Workouts

Most people can’t just wait for the warm outdoor weather to grab the outdoor exercise opportunities that come with it.

Various studies have been done to check the health benefits of outdoor walking exercises. Some studies even find it more effective than a trip to the gym.

In fact, a 2008 Scottish Health Survey done by researchers from Glasgow University found outdoor walking workouts to have a 50% greater positive effect on mental health than going to the gym.

According to the research findings, reported by The Telegraph, outdoor walking through green space lowered stress. Check this out for more:

Long-distance Walking Workout

Distance walking sounds more like a solitary and somewhat boring activity, but hundreds of walking clubs in the U.S. in are available to keep you in touch with like-minded people.

Millennium Way is a 100 Mile walk in the center of England, involving 44 interesting and delightful circular walks (see: here and here). However distance walking requires extensive training, but it often results into huge payoffs in health and fitness.

Do-It-Fast Slimmer Walking Workout

The Do-It-Fast Slimmer takes 30 minutes to complete. It is based on the fact that the quicker you walk, the farther you will go and therefore the more weight you will lose.

It is best suited for those who are more active and can walk as fast as possible.

Do-It-Fast Slimmer Steps:

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Walk as fast as you can for 10 minutes, keeping watch of how far you go.

Turn around and walk back at a brisk pace. During this back journey, try to slow down your speed so that you can cool down, as you get closer to your starting point.

Belly-Busting walk

The Belly-busting walk is a high-intensity form of workout whose purpose is to help shrink belly fat up to five times less than the moderate-intensity workouts.

When on the Belly-busting walk, draw in your abs towards your spine and maintain it in that position throughout the walk while breathing in and out as normal.

Imagining that your legs were extending above your navel, you will realize that as your legs swing forward and back, the hips follow suit. This creates a kind of hip swivel causing your lower torso to rotate putting you in a better position to develop more ab muscles faster.

Brainpower Booster Walk

The Brainpower booster walk takes less than 20 minutes. In involves walking forward, backwards and sideways alternatively. It helps you burn calories and keeps your mind alert and revitalized.

Happiness Walking

As you walk, focus on your feet. As your foot rolls from heel to toe, try to feel the ground beneath you. Take about 3 minutes just holding on awareness of your steps. Now, shift your attention and start thinking about your breathing.

Lift your torso slowly to an upright position. Inhale, and as you do so, imagine the air you take in is a renewed energy. Let this fresh energy flow into your lungs and cells. Exhale pain, stress and tiredness. Doing this frequently will help you maintain focus and mental wellbeing.