Best Olympic Weightlifting Shoes For Men And Women (2015)

weightlifting in oly shoes

Initially when I first began Olympic weight-lifting, there have been not many options for weight lifting footwear.

It has been essentially Adidas shoes! Plus they weren’t low-cost shoes either.

The good news is, mostly due to the huge increase from the rise in popularity of CrossFit , weightlifters have got a exceptional wealth of options for footwear, bumpers, and anything else a professional Olympic training club packed with professional Olympic weight-lifters would ever wish.

And all of that for Low prices as well

Those days are gone where you can invest lots of money to acquire a set of footwear which will last many years. You can now commit nearly half as much, and also have a pair of sneakers which will serve you for many many years.

Precisely Why Choose to Wear Weightlifting Olympic Shoes After All?

Online, everyone can criticize everyone . One of the main debate of Olympic bodybuilders and power-lifters is the fact they are way too dependent on equipment and gear.

All of us put on specialty straps, sneakers, bands; Professional power-lifters possess special uniform (suites) plus more specific belts; and we are actually way to picky in regards to what kinds of powerbars we are going to lift on, or even the sorts of weight loads we will place on all those amazing (and costly) bars.

And so, how about developing all-natural muscular strength?

This is a standard (and legitimate) concern originating from those with a CrossFit track record. Cross-Fitters are especially keen on everything remotely related to Paleo.

That is certainly fantastic, and I also promote this view from the actual perspective of exploiting your natural capability and becoming healthy and balanced individual.

Nevertheless: Olympic Weight lifting and Power-lifting are Competitive sports, and not simply techniques for getting healthy and balanced. Natural-Selection just didn’t create human beings particularly for the heavy-lifting of extended steel objects of abnormally heavy weight.

Bikers have to have a bike, gear, and also amazing spandex suite for the best possible results. Weightlifters require the proper footwear for the reason that:

This can help pick up more heavy weight for the snatch and clean and jerk by drastically improving balance and stability.
Significantly less force actually being generated from your hip and legs has been soaked up by a bad shoes.

It prime you up-to stay in the proper positioning in the beginning as well as the end of the lifting movement.
You can easily squat way more up-right using them, which leads to significantly less twisting over the lower-back.

If you are not really serious in any way in regards to the Olympic lifting, you don’t have to purchase special footwear. That will be foolish.

However if you simply be interested in what you really are over the snatch and clean, front side squat, as well as the back squat, in which case you actually do require good pair of special shoes.

Lacking good Olympic Weightlifting Shoes on when snatching is sort of like bike owner lacking pedals on a bike.

The simple truth is, almost all 5 of the choices are fantastic. And I Also have not actually included each of the options.

All of the following 5 models simply happen to have been ones that end up around the feet of my own, personal athletes probably the most frequently, therefore I really feel comfortable recommending all of them.

Important Sizing Suggestion:

Before you decide to move to fast and purchase the first set of weight lifting sneakers, you will need to fully grasp one thing about how exactly they’re sized.

Even though many footwear companies advise you that their snekers are true to it size – that isn’t very useful, considering that for example footwear for tennis usually are not consistent standard.

Nevertheless, fashion sneakers are actually standardized. I highly recommend if you do not really know what you put on inside a MEN’S dress shoe that you just check out the closest footwear retailer and check out some on before you figure out the right size.

It is usually different from whatever you wear in sporty sneakers.

Perhaps women will probably be purchasing a men’s size – sorry, the majority of the manufacturers simply do not have particular ladies sizes.

Adidas AdiPower

adidas-adipower-white-blackThe Adidas Adipower lines are among the best lines of Olympic training shoes all-around, they’ll serve you for practically many years, and therefore are constructed by professionals who have been producing best weightlifting shoes for years.

Additionally they look and feel fantastic!

Numerous successful weightlifters choose to wear these sneakers. Great choice all around.

YouTube Preview Image

 Pendlay Do-Win

pendlay do win shoesThe Do-Win is really a relatively recent player on the market (when compared with Adidas), however they are a major player when it comes to best shoes for weightlifting!

These weightlifting sneakers are very well constructed, are available in selection of great different colors plus they DO possess a females specific edition. Lots of lifters choose to wear this model and really like it.

The heel might be a positive or possibly a negative based upon whatever you are searching for.

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 Rogue Do Win

rogue oly shoesThe Rogue Do-Win is essentially identical shoe as Pendlay Do-Win, only have distinctive style and design. And this design is dark suede.


Risto Sneakers arrived on the scene a couple of years back and have become a dominant player within a weight-lifting shoe marketplace virtually overnight. Exactly why? Variety of colors.

Especially pink.

Of course, there are many advantages of these sneakers, for example the realization they tend to be hand crafted (you can look on Youtube and discover a very good video regarding it).

However it was in fact advertising genius to come up by using a Baby Pink set of weight-lifting shoes. These sold off fast, and still are.

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 VS Athletics

vs-athleltics-sneakersThe final one is valuable to me simply because they had been the very first set of weightlifting shoes I possessed. In those days, these were cheap, had what appeared as if a cork back heel, and just price tag was just right Now, the VS Athletics model is actually all matured, is powerful and they will last you for a long long time), whilst still being the least expensive serious footwear  available.

If you are not interested in showing off, but you’re simply concerned with superior functionality and cost, these sneakers are excellent.

 CrossFit Shoes

adidas-powerliftThe Adidas Powerlift series sneaker is inadequately called. It’s a simplified weight training shoe that you’d more correctly name a “CrossFit” shoe.

Adidas does not name theirs that, but that is this marketplace, and the entire purpose they created these.

In the event you CrossFit, occasionally you simply have no need for your Oly shoe being too sturdy, since with that sturdiness comes along additional weight. A weight-lifter does not care.

However, in case your WOD demands that you mix snatches with muscle-ups, 10 rounds for time, the weight can add up Extremely fast.

The light-weight design ensures they are great for incorporating the Olympic lifts and the front squats with chin-ups along with other body weight exercises.

Even though I would by no means recommend a weightlifter to work with this shoes, in case your are into CrossFit, and you simply would like a shoe that features a heel plus some additional balance and stability, this is a great option.

If you’re after all seriously interested in understanding the Olympic lifts, in which case you seriously don’t have any alternative. Grab a set of OLY sneakers! Even though you are not absolutely serious, and are in the beginning stages, there are a few inexpensive, but good quality, available choices.

With all the quantity of options available for you , there is not a great deal of reason for not getting an excellent pair of lifting shoes on while you are squatting snatching or cleaning.

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It has been essentially Adidas shoes! Plus they weren’t low-cost shoes either.