Shoes For Standing All Day Guide (Models And Reviews 2015)

shoes for standing on hard surfaces all day longThere is lots of talks about how exactly exactly bad for you could be to sit all day.  No-one is talking that standing all day is can be pretty bad as well.

The right thing to do would be moving around through your whole time and altering posture from standing, walking to laying down to sitting.

Regrettably, for the majority  of people sitting or standing all day is not an option – we all do what our duty demands us.

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Though, at desk sitting jobs are common in developed nations, we would prefer to speak about men and women who spends their function hours mainly standing, because throughout this situation feet are negligence your body that goes through probably the most. And right here, we’re on the pursuit to make everybody pleased and satisfied.

We are performing our duty for you personally nurses, instructors, hair stylists, waitresses, purchase clerks, kitchen employees as well as the relaxation of everybody who invest all day lengthy inside your ft.

And just what matters most likely probably the most for women and men who stand all day, it is the footwear they’re putting on. For more information, please, see our complete shoes buying guide for people who stand all day at work. And for a fast tip on the best shoes for people who stand all day make reference to the table beneath.


Women’s Shoes

ModelIf you have:Type:
Brooks Addiction Walker

flat feetwalking shoe, athletic
Saucony Echelon LE2

high archeswalking shoe, athletic
ASICS Gel-Foundation

normal archeswalking shoe, athletic
Crocs Chelsea

normal archwork shoe (slip on)
Alegria Paloma

normal archMary Jane shoe
Spenco Siesta

wide feet and flat feetSlip-on

Men’s Shoes

ModelIf you have:Type
Brooks Addiction Walker

flat feetwalking shoe, athletic
Saucony Echelon LE2

for high archeswalking shoe, athletic
ASICS Gel-Foundation
normal archeswalking shoe, athletic
Dr. Martens Andre
normal archesOxford
Crocs Tummler
normal arch work shoe(slip on)
Spenco Siesta

wide feet and flat feetSlip on

Other good brand that didn’t make it to our table is shoes from Dansko Brand. They design great shoes with lost of options to choose from. Dansko Tandy Clog is good  option for women and Dansko Wyatt Loafer is an excellent choose for men.

Here is video review of Brooks Addiction Walker:

Best Shoes For Standing All Day

To tell the truth, you’ll find lots of footwear that are comfortable sufficient to invest all day, but when we’d mention them all-in-one publish you will overcome with info and selection. Habits we limit to top models for males and ladies.

What Type of Footwear Are the Best For People Who Stand All Day?

Sports shoes provide very best option when it comes to comfort to turn out to be all day in. If you have problematic ft with fallen archways, higher archways, this issue, claw toes or simply too wide feet problems.

Inside this scenario only sports footwear brands make athletic shoes particularly produced to alleviate unwanted effects of these issues in your really feel in the finish during the day.

We authored before about of high archways, flat feet, this issue and shoes to get for those problems.

And when you aren’t glued by strict guidelines at the workplace concerning shoe styles you’re able to put on, look into other articles for more info about how to choose the very best footwear for flat feet or high arches.

Whilst you probably observed inside our tables above we put only all-whitened or all-black athletic footwear, which looks more expert, but nonetheless supplying fantastic assistance for any kind of ft.

For those who’ve no ft issues, you’ll have the ability to find comfortable pair of  shoes to stay in all day, a lot easier. Though, athletic pair of  shoes continue being the best option.

But non-sports footwear might be good and comfy as well.

Check next section on which traits you need to look for, when selecting an good pair of  shoes for male or female.

Shoe Characteristics For Men And Women Who Standing Up All Day Long


Make sure to look in to label on which kind of materials, shoe consists of, because various materials might have different qualities and gratification.

Genuine Leather

Leather is among the very best materials with regards to feet style and comfort.


  • Feet don’t sweat
  • Stretches to think about distinctively for your ft
  • Durable


  • Cannot 100% guard from spills of harsh chemical substances
  • Can’t be cleaned with cleaning soap and water
  • Rubber and synthetic leather


Synthetic Leather / Rubber

  • Could be cleaned with cleaning soap (particularly important for profession of nurses, who’re in a position to acquire a really bad things on their shoes)
  • Tough /durable


  • Breathability Is Not Perfect

Synthetic Material


  • Might be cleaned with cleaning soap
  • Breathable


  • Put on off quicker than numerous other supplies
  • Do not safeguard from spills
  • Heel And Arch Support

 Heel and arch assistance are also parameters you need to believe about when choosing right shoe.

Shoes with a heel or heel to toe deferential tend to be more more suitable than houses or zero drop shoes.

But don’t purchase shoes with heel higher than 1 inch.

A number of heel-to-foot drop will assist you take some pressure of the heel and stop over-stretching  plantar fascia (less pain is obviously better ).

Appropriate arch assistance could make a substantial difference in your feelings in the finish throughout the day, especially if you have flat ft or high archways.

As soon as we pointed out prior to to locate sports athletic shoes with greater arch support are pretty easy, however with casual footwear it is a lot of issue.

Ought to you found footwear which are comfortable but lack some arch support, you’re able to buy arch assistance location.

The only real aspect to consider is the reality that footwear should have detachable shoe in sole and turn out to be deep enough to support thicker inserts.

To make sure that supports match your arch height press it for the arch whilst your feet is in your lap rather while you are standing.

You need to see no gap between place as well as your arch, for the best comfort.


Suitable quantity of padding within the shoe might also improve the really feel of comfort. In addition to with support the majority of running shoes have adequate cushioning. But casual shoes can generally benefit from extra gel card inserts to improve padding problems.

Shoe Width

Make certain to select correct shoe width. Very little shoe might destroy your toes, throughout too wide one your feet will flap throughout. Often sports footwear possess a width option while for casual footwear you’ve to read review cautiously prior to buying.

Foot Securing

Footwear for standing all day long ought to become nicely assured around the ft. Shoe that’s constantly sliding off your feet could make you instantly tense muscle tissues from the legs to become in a position to help keep your shoe in position. That may lead to much more tired and ached ankles in the finish from the workday.

No matter what type of foot safe-guarding your  shoe has (laces, straps, and so on.), nevertheless it ought to help keep your feet in position and turn out to be comfortable.

In Conclusion

Comfortable footwear matter a great deal, should you invest whatever you day standing. We hope, that you merely discovered information to be in a position to choose the best / good footwear for their function.

Of cause you’ll find countless shoes available on the market and decent percent seem to be comfortable leading high quality footwear perfect for standing all day long, including concrete surfaces and just comfortable enough to walk.

So we can’t discuss these, but we’d be happy ought to you be capable of discovering your ideal shoes out of your editor’s choose.